Representative patents obtained by the service providers at Baltimore Patent Law include:


e-Commerce & Business Methods:

11,165,724Method and personal email system using simulated virtual users

10,970,728System and method for collecting personality information

10,956,969Matching system for career and academic counseling

10,817,888 – System and method for businesses to collect personality information from their customers

10,720,024 – Combination wager, user interface for parimutuel sports wagering devices

10,510,210 –  Skills-based, parimutuel sports wagering on mobile devices

9,443,392 –  An improved method for pari-mutuel wagering  

9,197,591 – Method and system for validating email from an internet application or website

8,954,343 – Person-to-person matching system

8,788,307 – System for using personality trait identification to match consumers with businesses

8,782,184 – Method and system for adaptive delivery of digital messages

8,540,151 – Method and system for optimizing the usefulness of a credit and debit card portfolio

7,200,640 – Continuously tunable, graphic internet navigation tool

11,532,099 – Method and system for compiling performance metrics for racing competitors

10,970,728 – System and method for collecting personality information

10,956,969 – Matching system for career and academic counseling

Medical Devices:

10,610,656 – Intermandibular/maxillary ventilation device

9,474,620 – Talonavicular joint prosthesis and its method of implantation

9,717,546 – Cryotherapy device and method for the treatment of cervical precancerous lesions

9,421,036 – Automatically-deflating, postpartum tamponade

8,808,981 – Point-of care, medical condition screening kit

8,211,107 – Modular, blade-rod, intramedullary fixation device

7,465,050 – Method and apparatus for three-dimensional video-oculography

6,878,121 – Sleep scoring apparatus and method


Industrial Processes/Products:

10,414,037 – Hammer drill adapter for driving cleats onto sheet metal edges

9,451,744 – Wind defender, dust control process

9,422,071 – Automatic, t-fold carton erector and sealer

7,954,505 – Mobile leakage containment box including a liquid impermeable membrane

7,775,456 – Fluidic device yielding 3-dimensional spray patterns

7,111,800 – Fluid spray apparatus

7,089,693 – Dredging method and apparatus

6,975,225 – Fire suppression system and method

6,945,114 – Laser-air, ultrasonic testing of railroad tracks

6,837,775 – Porous, lubricated mixing tube for abrasive, fluid jet

6,184,792 – Early fire detection method and apparatus


Consumer Products:

10,934,056Holder for transporting and displaying edibles

10,884,380Wrist-worn, tool and routine activity aiding device

10,921,685 – Apparatus that enables the photographing of highly reflective objects without reflections

10,578,951 – Apparatus that enables the photographing of highly reflective objects without reflections

10,278,530 – Child-safe Cutlery Device for Separately Coring and/or Slicing a Strawberry

10,121,460 – Humidifier and digital hygrometer/thermometer

D897,183 – Multi-purpose tool kit

D831,461 – Cord Lock

D819,415 – Bar Tool

D820,997 – Draft Prevention Frame

9,526,369 – Infusion extracting apparatus and method

9,840,002 – Modular driver and screw system

9,642,341 – Hummingbird feeder and feed pod

9,220,277 – Form for use with a springform pan to make a uniform thickness crust

9,193,081 – Child-safe, hand fruit corer and slicer

8,517,342 – Door lifting and holding tool

8,061,085 – Handrail for preventing stairway falls

7,938,229 – Marine emergency rope ladder apparatus

6,916,300 – Seat massager

6,172,612 – Smoke detector with remote testing and powering means

11,493,136 – Discrete step, maximum flow-rate-selectable valve

11,363,897 – Spill-preventing holder for a disposable cup with a detachable lid

10,934,056 – A holder for transporting and displaying edibles

10,921,685 – Apparatus that enables the photographing of highly reflective, objects without reflection